Oats, Black

Black Oats Crop Type Cool Season Grass Seeds / Lb 22,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 38F Black Oats have the forage potential of rye with a better nutrient density, digestibility and palatability. The high forage potential is made possible by wider leaf blades and more tillers while being accompanied by a larger stature plant. This species […]

Millet, Proso

Proso Millet Crop Type Warm Season Grass Seeds / Lb 120,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 42F Proso Millet is ideal for short season growing or if feeding wildlife is desired. While this millet has good forage production, it doesn’t produce as much as the other millets (German, Pearl), but is cheaper overall if cost is a […]

Millet, Pearl

Pearl Millet Crop Type Warm Season Grass Seeds / Lb 60,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 65F Pearl Millet is an ideal warm season grass when longer season grazing is in mind. It’s been shown to have high protein content and high TDN from the large amount of leaf area it produces. It does handle intense grazing/high […]

Millet, German

German Millet Crop Type Warm Season Grass Seeds / Lb 180,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 42F Also known as “Foxtail”, this warm season grass is best suited to be used in a short season grazing scenario or as a hay crop. It makes it an ideal hay crop because of the potential to cut it after […]

Corn, Grazing

BMR Grazing Corn Crop Type Warm Season Grass Seeds / Lb 2,500 Minimum Germination Temperature 50F This warm season grass has the BMR mutation which makes it more palatable to livestock, but is still cost friendly. It has been shown to do well across the state of Montana except at higher elevations. This species is […]

Barley, Spring Forage

Barley Crop Type Cool Season Grass Seeds / Lb 13,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 38F While being inexpensive and easy to grow, barley is great option for those looking to provide erosion control, weed suppression and some spring grazing if desired. Barley also makes a great option for cycling nutrients, having been shown to scavenge 32# […]