BMR Grazing Corn

Crop Type Seeds/Lb Minimum Germination Temperature
Warm Season Grass 2,500 50F

This warm season grass has the BMR mutation which makes it more palatable to livestock, but is still cost friendly. It has been shown to do well across the state of Montana except at higher elevations. This species is great for winter stockpile grazing, residue cover and has been shown to handle colder temperatures than its other warm season counterparts. BMR Graze Corn also does not have the risk of prussic acid poisoning if grazed too soon, unlike the other warm season grasses listed.

Nitrogen scavenger Soil builder Prevent Erosion Weed Suppression Grazing Quick Growth Lasting Residue Make P and K Available Loosen Topsoil Suppress Disease Attract Beneficial Insects
4 3 3 2 5 4 5 3 2 3 1

1 = Poor and 5 = Excellent