Our Mission: Growing a community and improving lives through agriculture.

Who We Are

North 40 Ag is more than a seed and agronomy consulting company. We care about farmers, because we are farmers. We listen to your goals and work with you to come up with the best possible solution.

Marcus Vogel started North 40 Ag in 2011. When Kate Vogel joined him in 2014 they were able to expand the business and what they could offer for the regions farmers and ranchers. At North 40 Ag, we specialize in cover crop seed, but also provide consulting services and Pioneer products.

We do not have any canned cover crop mixes that can work for multiple situations. We have traveled and worked with farmers and ranchers across Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota to see what works best in each area. We use this knowledge to make custom mixes to fit each operators goals.

North40Ag Family


Kate Vogel

Seed Advisor, CPAG, CCA, CPSS


Marc Vogel

Pioneer Seed Advisor


Jules Morse

Pioneer Rep & Creative Assistant


Lindsey Finch

Office Coordinator

Jordan Stirling



Aaron Morast

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