Agronomy examines agriculture from a comprehensive, all-encompassing perspective.
Our agronomists are experts in crop and soil chemistry, as well as ecology.

Crop Scouting

  • Surveying fields for pests (weeds, insect, etc.), disease, nutrient deficiencies.
  • Identify soil characteristics for limiting
  • Planning
  • Building crop rotations.

Soil Sampling

  • Using GPS points projected into the field to eliminate year to year variability.
  • Making unbiased nutrient recommendations using MSU and NDSU guidelines.

Tissue / Petiole Sampling

  • Using leaf/petiole samples from GPS points in the field to document nutrients at certain stages of crop growth for future decision making.

Salinity Management

  • Determine cause of salinity and come up with management plan to mitigate the salinity issue.

Individual Site Visits

  • We offer site visits for before/after planting of cover crops to help in assessing pre or post plant action, if any action is recommended for cover crops, range land and cash crops.
  • Price is dependent on mileage and acreage.