Crop Type Seeds/Lb Minimum Germination Temperature
cool season grass 13,000 38F

While being inexpensive and easy to grow, barley is great option for those looking to provide erosion control, weed suppression and some spring grazing if desired. Barley also makes a great option for cycling nutrients, having been shown to scavenge 32# of N in one California study. In another study, barley was documented making P and K more available if residue is left in the field. As with other small grains, barley can have nitrate issues, especially in years of drought.

Nitrogen scavenger Soil builder Prevent Erosion Weed Suppression Grazing Quick Growth Lasting Residue Make P and K Available Loosen Topsoil Suppress Disease Attract Beneficial Insects
4 4 5 4 4 4 5 3 4 3 3

1 = Poor and 5 = Excellent