Faba (Fava) Beans

Faba Bean Crop Type Cool Season Legume Seeds / Lb 2,500 Minimum Germination Temperature 45F This cool season legume will produce a significant number of nodules when planted into ideal soil conditions, leading to a high N credit the year following. Faba beans have also been documented as producing extrafloral nectaries which attract lacewings and […]


Cowpeas Crop Type Warm Season Legume Seeds / Lb 4,100 Minimum Germination Temperature 58F This warm season legume is suggested when planting around the first of June. Iron and Clay cowpeas are known to be well adapted to heat and are very drought hardy. Some cowpea roots have been shown to go over 8’ down. […]

Clover, Crimson

Crimson Clover Crop Type Cool Season Legume Seeds / Lb 107,200 Minimum Germination Temperature 42F This cool season legume, which in addition to producing nitrogen, has the ability to scavenge significant residual N. This clover has the ability to grow at lower temperatures than most other clovers. The biomass produced in the fall is enough […]

Clover, Balansa

Balansa Clover Crop Type Cool Season Legume Seeds / Lb 500,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 42F Balansa clover is like crimson clover but has increased cold tolerance and biomass production. It is extremely palatable, has good digestibility and high crude protein content (20%). Due to it’s low stature and ground-hugging nature, Balansa clover has been recorded […]


Chickpea-Desi Crop Type Warm Season Legume Seeds / Lb 2,200 Minimum Germination Temperature 42F Chickpeas are a great option for limited rainfall areas and probably one of the best warm season legumes we’ve seen grow in Montana. With roots that go deeper than dry peas or lentils, it can tap into subsoil moisture. If using […]