Florida Broadleaf

Florida Broadleaf Crop Type Cool Season Broadleaf Seeds / Lb 100,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 40F This broadleaf produces a great taproot that has fibrous roots that come off it which helps it naturally break up compaction. This brassica produces the most biomass out of any of the brassicas which makes for ideal grazing scenarios. Also, […]

Sunflower, Black Oil

Sunflower: Black Oil Seed Crop Type Warm Season Broadleaf Seeds / Lb 8,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 39F Sunflowers are one of the best producing and economical options for warm season broadleaf plants. With a deep taproot that will help in alleviating compaction zones and simultaneously pulling up nitrogen from deep, sunflowers are beneficial in numerous […]

Safflower, Baldy

Safflower: Baldy Crop Type Warm Season Broadleaf Seeds / Lb 15,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 40F A warm season broadleaf that is in the same plant family as sunflower, safflower has produced well across central/eastern Montana for a bevy of reasons. This particular variety, “Baldy”, is spineless, developed in Montana and has been shown to produce […]


Plantain Crop Type Cool Season Broadleaf Seeds / Lb 200,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 42F Plantain is best suited for when building soil and grazing are the main goals. Plantain does well across a wide range of soil types and conditions because of its taproot AND fibrous root system. It doesn’t produce well when seeded as […]


Phacelia Crop Type Cool Season Broadleaf Seeds / Lb 225,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 42F This cool season broadleaf is an excellent pollinator, attracting numerous beneficial insects. In addition to bringing in loads of beneficials, this plant makes for great grazing and is quick to establish. Nitrogen Scavenger 3 Soil Builder 3 Prevent Erosion 4 Weed […]


Flax Crop Type Cool Season Broadleaf Seeds / Lb 83,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 45F This cool season broadleaf is great for attracting beneficial insects and when it reaches maturity, it makes for great residue building. It makes for a solid choice when building soil is a goal because of its shallow, but extensive root system. […]

Browtine, Chicory

Chicory Browtine Crop Type Warm Season Broadleaf Seeds / Lb 400,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 42F A warm season perennial broadleaf, this plant offers great grazing because of its high protein levels. It will form mychorrhizal association which is important because this will in most cases, make phosphorous more readily available. It does need to be […]


Buckwheat Crop Type Warm Season Broadleaf Seeds / Lb 18,000 Minimum Germination Temperature 50°F Buckwheat is a great addition to a cover crop mix. It has root exudates that make soil phosphorus more available for subsequent crops and has been shown to build soil structure. It flowers within six weeks of planting, attracting many pollinators […]