Impact Forage Collards

Crop Type Seeds/Lb Minimum Germination Temperature
cool season broadleaf 175,000 40F

This cool season brassica is one of North 40 Ag’s favorite plants to put into mixes because of its production and ease of establishment. It has been shown to produce all over the state of Montana without difficulty making it easier to put into mixes. In addition to being very versatile, Impact Collards have been shown as being very winter hardy, often surviving temperatures down to 0°F before dying which makes for fantastic late season grazing. Lastly, but certainly not least, this plant produces a terrific taproot which appears to put off quite a bit of root exudates exhibited by the amount of soil attached to it when it is taken out of the ground.

Nitrogen scavenger Soil builder Prevent Erosion Weed Suppression Grazing Quick Growth Lasting Residue Make P and K Available Loosen Topsoil Suppress Disease Attract Beneficial Insects
3 4 4 4 5 4 3 3 4 4 3

1 = Poor and 5 = Excellent